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Focus on Felines

Posted by Alynn Silliman, The Shampoo Guru on 4/11/2016 to Pet Care
Focus on Felines
We are so excited to announce the newest member of the South Bark Professional Pet family of products:
"Focus On Felines" from ShowSeason.

Our feline friends have grown tired of sharing products with the dogs.
Well, you furry little balls of cuteness, share no more!

Dedicated to felines and their owners, focus on feline offers
the highest quality of American made cat products on the market today!
If your cat loves baths or loathes suds, F.O.F. has the products you need to clean your puss.
Naturally Safe Flea Shampoo
Soothing Colloidal Oatmeal Shampoo
Crystal Clear Rinseless Shampoo

But shampoos aren't all F.O.F. offers!
Try the Pride or Purr Feline Colognes to make your cat kids smell like a million bucks!
Foaming Facial Cleanser for that "Day at the spa" experience.
Extremely Gentle Ear Cleaner designed specifically for your sensitive feline babies.

F.O.F. is now available at South Bark Professional Pet Products.
For more information or to place orders please contact Alynn @
877.232.2235 or [email protected]

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