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25 Dog and Cat Care Tips

Posted by Donna Walker, Owner South Bark on 4/17/2015 to Pet Care
25 Dog and Cat Care Tips

1)  Brushing your dog is more than just cosmetic. It helps keep the skin and coat well oiled and helps remove dead hair. Brushing needs to be done at least once a week.

2)   When choosing a dog or cat shampoo ask yourself what exactly you want to do with it; clean, soothe, moisturize, treat itchiness, color enhance, deodorize, treat for fleas or any other reason. This will help you choose the correct products needed to accomplish your goal.

3)   Dogs should be washed at least once a month.

4)   If you feed kibble (dry) please add water. 1/3rd volume of water compared to the depth of the bowl/food.

5)   Give your dog a raw bone. Chewing helps alleviate stress, helps to clean teeth and keeps gums healthy.

6)   Keep your dogs mind stimulated by giving your animal puzzles to solve, jobs to accomplish, and commands to follow.

7)   Play hide and seek with you dogs to keep mental alertness sharp and to teach him or her your name and the “ find” command.

8)   If you use rawhide make sure you educate yourself on its dangers and make sure it is not treated with formaldehyde or from contaminated animals.

9)   If your dog has hair loss around its eyes that make it look like it has “ raccoon eyes” and patches of skin with no fur then go to the vet for a skin scrape. It could be mange.

10)  Anti-freeze is highly poisonous to animals. Store accordingly.

11)   The heater can dry out dogs in the wintertime. Please keep this in mind and treat accordingly.

12)   Putting fish oil on the animals food is excellent for making sure that your animal gets enough omega fatty acids. Please make sure you refrigerate it after opening.

13)   Provide exercise for your animal by playing with them on a daily basis.

14)   To alleviate boredom and to stimulate hunting instinct, hide toys and treats around the house before you leave for work. Play this game a couple times with the animal while you are home in the days before so that they understand that they are allowed to look for the “ treasures”.

15)  Put a little baking soda underneath the litter in the box to downplay usual litter box scents.

16)   Make sure that water is always full and available.   

17)   Flea comb your dog/cat during flea season or if you see a lot of butt and nibble biting as well as scratching.

18) The dog’s collars should be tight enough that it fits snugly around the neck. It should be no more than two, and no less than one, finger fit between the collar and the skin. The collar should not droop or choke.

19)  Use the bottom crumbs that are left in the treat bag to make ice cube tray treats. Put the treat fragments into the tray cube middle; add water, freeze, and serve.

20) Yeast is considered a fungus. Dogs transfer it from their ears to their paws to their mouth. It causes redness and itchiness. If your dogs will not stop licking or biting their paws get it checked or wash/treat with an anti-fungal and antibacterial.

21) If your dog has a cracked nose, especially bulldog people, put a little vitamin E or better yet, Eqyss Micro-tek on the nose daily for at least a week and the issue should resolve itself.

22)  Always keep concentrated shampoo capped unless using it and do not ever mix water into the master bottle.  Use a mixing bottle to do your water dilution and only mix up what you are using immediately. This will prevent bacteria from forming in the solution.

23)  Do not let your dog or cat drink stagnant or standing water. It will sometimes cause giardia or other flagella related issues.

24)   Cats are obligate carnivores which mean they need to eat real meat.

25)    Use Diatomaceous earth in your yard or the ultra fine food grade on the dog as a non-pesticide flea treatment.




Date: 4/5/2016
Thanks Donna Walker, the 25 number tips cover almost all aspect of pets care indeed. May I ask you to reduce all 25 in 7 ultimate tips? http://www.kittykit.co.uk/6-kitten-collars

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